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Internet explorer works... with redirects... Miscroft Outlook and Windows Updates fail


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Having an odd issue with a company computer running Windows XP, on a Windows Server 2003 network. The computer is shut down every Friday for the weekend. This monday morning it was started up and Microsoft Outlook 2007 would not send/recieve emails. This is when I was asked to take a look at it. I have been trying to resolve the issue for the last two days. At first I thought it was a duplicate IP address error as we have had these issues in the past. This does not appear to be the case as I have done what I always have in the past to fix this issue. I get the following errors from outlook when attempting to send/receive email:

"Task 'user@company.com - Receiving' reported error (0x80040900) : 'The server name you entered cannot be found on the network (it might be down temporarily). Verify that you are online and that the server name is correct.'"

"Task 'user@company.com - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0D) : 'Cannot find the email server. Verify the server information in your account properties.'"

I have checked the server information to be correct, I have also deleted the account and created it new, to no avail. I gave up thinking it was a setting error and started looking into it being a virus/malware. Came across malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, installed, and ran (had to change the name of the file in order for it to run). Attempted to update and I receive the following error:

"An error has occurred. Please report this error code to our support team.

MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12007, 0, WinHttpSendRequest)"

I had AVG8 Free installed, however have since uninstalled it, and get the same response.

Yesterday Windows OneLiveCare was installed, however, expired, and I uninstalled it.

I have attempted updates with windows firewall off, but same response. I can not see any other firewalls running on the computer.

Windows updates are another program that will not work properly. An update is currently downloaded ready to install, but every time I attempt to install it fails at initialization.

This computer is used daily, all day long, any and all help to resolve this issue quickly is greatly appreciated.

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I forgot to mention the part about redirecting in my internet as i mentioned in the topic. My internet works, in Internet explorer, however any search results that I click on whether it be through google.com, msn.com, or others are all redirected to add sites. Google chrome is also installed on this computer but does not connect at all. In internet explorer I can work around the redirects if I open them in a new window, and once redirected close the new tab and then click on the same link again, I am able to reach the intended site. I dont know if these two issues are related, but I feel they may be. It seems as though Internet is working to allow the redirects to take place but everything else is blocked from leaving the computer. Thank for any help.


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"An error has occurred. Please report this error code to our support team.

MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12007, 0, WinHttpSendRequest)"

This generic message from M/soft means our server/your updates could not be contacted (due to your redirects) -

As this is a company system , please send a request to corporate-support@malwarebytes.org and include your Company name , Full email and License details -

Thank You -

Edited by noknojon to alter Support Email -

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technical issues, any corporate\businesses, affiliates, technicians or non profits


As a licensed corporate user, technician, reseller, affiliate or non-profit user you have access to the corporate helpdesk, contact them via the email address below.


They will assist you in this matter. Please provide your corporate license information when requesting help.

Please add the domains malwarebytes.org and salesforce.com to any spam filters or junk mail exclusion features in your email client to assure our replies get to you. Thank you

just an add on: either the post above or this one

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