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Malwarebytes 64 bit

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and using Malwarebytes but I need the 64 bit version of Malwarebytes. I thought I had the 64 bit version but it is sitting in my Program Files (x86) which indicates it's the 32 bit version.

So - two questions:

Can someone advise me how to get the 64 bit version.

If I can get the 64 bit version will it also check my 32 bit files for malware when I run it.

Thanks for any assistance provided.


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If a program is under x86 folder it does not indicate that it is not 64 bit. Some programs that are 64 bit also can install there. I have FortiClient 64 bit which resides under the x86 folder.:) Most 32 bit security programs will not install on a 64 bit OS as they require a special driver. There is no difference between checking files on 32 and 64 bit systems. 64 bit systems hold more ram and are more secure regarding the kernel.

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Hi and welcome -

There is only one version of Malwarebytes program - This is designed to suit ALL makes/models/and versions of Operating Systems -

Can you please post back with your Antivirus program and any installed Firewall -

These may be your problem -

Thank You -

Thanks for your reply. I am running Avast Free Version and I only use the firewall provided by Windows. Viewing the answers from others (thanks to all who replied) about 32 bit and 64 bit programs, I wonder why Windows 7 shows Program Files separately for 32 and 64 bit programs since programs can apparently reside wherever they wish. Maybe that's not confusing to those who replied but it sure is to me.


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