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MalwareBytes doesn't have these features?


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MalwarwBytes needs a password protect setting because some Trojans disable the protection module. Also it needs automatic updates!!

You Guys have an AWESOME protection moudle and it catches everything! You should integrate an AntiVirus and AntiSpyware protection moudle and scanner. Maybe even a firewall! :D

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Hello PaoloT: :)

Automatic updates, scheduled scans, malicious IP blocking, and real-time protection are available in Full/PRO version. It's a lifetime license with all updates and upgrades, one license is valid for only one system

Password protection for settings is being considered, let's keep our fingers crossed

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Any trojan/malware can disable something with a bit of work. Nothing is immune to this. Malwarebytes is an antispyware product. However, it is classified as antimalware as it removes much more then just spyware.

So would it be ok to just have MalwareBytes full version on my pc? Norton is a HOG!.

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Hello PaoloT:

Thanks for going Full/PRO (buying license has unlocked all features) you still need an AV. There are three most popular free AV programs among forum members (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. avast
  2. Avira
  3. MSE

To get the full advantage of licensed version you've to configure Automatic Updates and Schedule Scans please read and follow instructions in How To Use The New Scheduler

You'd also need to add exclusions in AV of your choice for MBAM to avoid conflict(s) if any due to MBAM's real-time protection, kindly provide your OS information including 32/64-bit someone will assist

Should you have any other question(s) please post back using MXyBj.png button

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I download the trial and liked it. Then I bought a license code and entered it into my free edition. Is it now PRO or full?

Pro/Full is the same thing. Only one paid edition exists.:)

So would it be ok to just have MalwareBytes full version on my pc? Norton is a HOG!.

No. Malwarebytes doe catch viruses, but not to an extent your antivirus does. It is not a replacement, but a complementary to your existing protection.:)

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