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AVG 2011 update popup

steve jones

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Our home PC's are flashing up a warning to upgrade AVG to (I think it said) AVG 2011. But when I ignore this and run the current version, it updates the latest virus definitions normally, with no suggestion that an update is needed. One of our laptops has recently been infected when our daughter clicked on something, and she thinks it might have mention AVG (but could be wrong). So I don't want to click on the popup unless it is entirely genuine - can anyone confirm please?

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Yes, AVG10 (AVG Free 2011) is available.

You will still receive defintion updates for AVG9 for as long as it is supported, but what you are being offered is an upgrade to the new version.

Some links that may help.




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I run a small tech support firm, reselling both AVG and MBAM. Due to the problems with AVG 2011, I've had to keep clients back on AVG9 to avoid any issues.

That said, I tried an experiment on one of my bench machines. It runs XP Pro SP3 with all available M$ maintenance. It was running AVG9 so I upgraded to AVG 2011 with no problems. I let it run for several days without any issues. I removed a licensed copy of MBAM from a different machine (ran the uninstall and mbam-clean, rebooting, as required). I installed MBAM V1.46 and brought it up to date. Registered it and turned on automatic protection. I had no problems - and it has been running just fine for the last two days.

The AVG program is at 10.0.1153 and the Virus DB is at 424/3245. I have the paid version of AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2011.

If I get a chance, I'll retry the test but with the Free AVG 2011 instead. But, that will take a couple of days to set it up.


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