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changing the defult tab


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is it possible to change the default tab in firefox,so it stops loading google and uses scroogles scrapper instead?

my home page is set to scroogle`s scraper however if i select a new tab it opens goggle,how can i overcome this,if its possible.

worst case senerio is a add on.

if that can you find one that does just that,can you let me know and i will look at it.


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When I hit new tab, or control t, it opens an "untitled" tab with nothing showing except the word untitled as the tab name. (Not sure why it does that though).

Is this how you have yours set up?


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You should be able to open Control Panel > Internet Options , and there is a box displayed -

In there you can type in the address of your Home Page(s) e.g. hxxp://www.google.com + a second or third page in a similar page -

These will be displayed as your first , second , third , etc Tabs -

Check to see what is set in the box , Or you may have by Default accepted the other home page in one of your downloads -

(Please set my home page as XXXXXXXXX ) Even Yahoo , Google , The London Times and several others do this in some downloads

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thanks for the help n/j

well sort off works but not really as desired as it opens two or three tabs when i launch ie.

not one page as wanted.

in ie its allready set to open up hxxp://www.scroogle.org/ under tabs setting by setting up open up my fiist home page,witch it does and lauches scroogle so i can search useing that engine.without hassle.however i dont use i.e as my main browser.

also that setting makes no differance to firefox.

yes m/tree mine also opens a blank page type in "boo" (at he top left) thou and it uses googles search engine,theres no setting in firefox to change the tabs like there is i.e or the home page 1,2,3rd home page.

i can use the seach (right top) witch uses scroogle,just wanted to switch the (left top search bar) from google to scroogle.

i did search around again (i allready did a bit before asking) and appently its not possible within firefox atm however if enough pps request it,its somthing they might impliment in the future,that being said its not somthing i expect to happen soon.

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