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if your useing firefox use no script.

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new trend or old trend unsure,do know more and more sites are running Malicious scripts in the background.

you can find a cross site script on sun javas site;naughty.

ok sun has mabye had this a while however ive deff found i`m blocking way more scripts than i used to.

if your useing firefox grab yourself a copy off no script and check the scripts you find (shift&click will give you info on them,it that easy)


Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications that enables malicious attackers to inject client-side script into web pages viewed by other users. An exploited cross-site scripting vulnerability can be used by attackers to bypass access controls such as the same origin policy. Cross-site scripting carried out on websites were roughly 80% of all security vulnerabilities documented by Symantec as of 2007.[1] Their impact may range from a petty nuisance to a significant security risk, depending on the sensitivity of the data handled by the vulnerable site, and the nature of any security mitigations implemented by the site's owner.

take care and all the best.

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i looked at request policy that somtime back,relooking again,somthing i should impliment imo;i am about to give it a try go this time around,as its deff a good idea to do so.

its not a replacment for no script it complents it.

"Conversely, NoScript gives you protection that RequestPolicy does not. RequestPolicy will not keep you safe from malicious JavaScript or vulnerable plugins on the current site you are visiting, So, NoScript is absolutely essential for browser security."

and vise versa with the quote above.

"How does RequestPolicy help you where NoScript does not? RequestPolicy will protect you from various attacks that NoScript will not (such as CSRF attacks, though there some special cases that NoScript protects against) and will give you greater privacy while browsing."

just a few quotes from the faq.




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Hey boys and girls; don't forget when using REQUEST POLICY you're going to have to pay attention for the first week or so to allow sites for avatars, pix, etc, to be MANUALLY added, by YOU, to the whitelist so they show up. If you see a pink | (i.e.; |) anywhere, if you put your mouse-pointer on it it'll show which site has to be approved for whatever is missing to show up. The RequestPolicy in the bottom of the browser toolbar will be RED (RequestPolicy) instead of BLACK (RequestPolicy) as well.


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