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Hey, I just wanted to drop a line to, like the title says, give Malwarebytes a mega thank you. Earlier today I contracted a virus, how I don't know, because I was surfing normal sites without suspect content or pornography. I always run two anti-virus, AVG Free and Malwarebytes, well when the virus reared it's ugly head it gutted AVG like it was nothing, shut down, gone, I'm assuming because AVG was active in the background as a virus guard, then it shut down my web browser, instant messengers, and crashed several programs. Under normal circumstances I'd have been screwed and had forced to reinstall windows, but Malwarebytes, it likely missed because I have the free version you have to manually start, caught the virus, stomped it, and my system returned to normal. I don't normally go to these lengths to say thanks for stopping a virus but at the time I was working on a very critical project that would have been completely lost if it wasn't for MWB, thanks folks.

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We are glad Malwarebytes has helped you eradicate this malicious software. If your current security solution let this infection through, you might please consider purchasing the FULL version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for additional protection.

As a side note.... you can not run two anti-virus programs at the same time, it will cause issues. Also if you were referring to Malwarebytes as your second anti-virus program, it is not an anti virus program so running AVG and Malwarebytes is OK. Bear in mind if you get the full version of Malwarebytes (pro) and you have AVG 2010, there is a known compatibility problems with AVG 2010 and Malwarebytes that they are trying to fix. I assume you have the free version of AVG, there are alternatives like Avira, or Microsoft Security Essentials for example.

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I have to say the same thing about the Malware product. EXCELLENT!

First I got the Just-In-Time debugger error, then the System Tool virus while running AVG (free), then ran the MS malicious remover tool, switched to Panda which fixed some trouble. What a pain it was to get rid of the System Tool virus.

I was able to do some research and found your product at the location below. Even though I lost 8-hours of productivity, I am now clean!


ADMIN EDIT : link removed

We have a removal guide that does not advertise competitors.

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