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AVG 11 and Malwarebytes

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I have been using Malwarebytes for just about a year. (

I just recently upgraded to AVG 11.

Now everytime I boot my system, it freezes up. Comments in AVG Forum indicate that it is

a problem with Malwarebytes.

If this is true, is there a fix for the problem?


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This fact (stopping ALL other security programs) may be what drives Microsoft to take some action. AVG 2011 even stops Windows Defender from running. That is the tool that M$ uses to stop the 'bots roaming all over the 'net.

I doubt they (AVG) consulted M$ about stopping Defender.


Hi Marmic -

The actual problem seems that AVG now wants All other security programs removed with their new version -

I asked there and was told to even remove/turn-off all M/soft security as their new firewall version prevents other programs from working -

Thank You -

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Exactly RandyC -

I visited the AVG Forum and asked these questions to their 'experts' a while ago when AVG 2011 was released -

There I got the same answer that you have just quoted - Only problem is , if there is a glitch in AVG you become more open to more problems -

We normally work on Layered protection , this means an Antivirus , an Antimalware ,and an installed firewall -

Now AVG says that none of these are required with their new version - Many have dropped it already from what I have read -

To even ask their customers to drop M/$oft Defender and Firewall was a bit of a shock -

Thank You -

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I have the same problem with MW and AVG. Didn't know about the solution of unistalling AVG, I'll do that tonight. Can anyone suggest a good free avti-virus to use instead of AVG?

Is AVAST just as good?

I think Windows Security Essential is pretty good. I had same problem with AVG 2011. Had to uninstall it, then switch to Windows Security Essential. Of course, you have to go through the 'exclusion' steps to avoid conflict with Malwarebytes. I have done this for about three weeks by now. So far so good.

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I am an AVG Reseller. They still do not acknowledge Malwarebytes as one of the affected programs. Here is a list with abbreviated information. There seems to be a theme, There can be only one! :)

Ashampoo Firewall FREE

Solution: Uninstalling Ashampoo Firewall FREE

Better File Rename

Solution: Update Better File Rename.

BlueCoat K9 Web Protection

Solution: Please uninstall BlueCoat K9 Web Protection.

Eset Smart Security 4

Solution: uninstalling Eset Smart Security 4.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Solution: Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials.


Solution: uninstall the PC MACLAN application.

System Protect

Solution: During the installation of AVG, turn off the System Protect. You may also need to create an exception for AVG later.

PC Tools Antivirus

Solution: uninstalling PC Tools Antivirus.

ZoneAlarm Toolbar

Solution: uninstalling the ZoneAlarm Toolbar.

I have a request into Reseller Support, will post back when I have more info.

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They still do not acknowledge Malwarebytes as one of the affected programs.
Hi OmniDan -

I can confirm that AVG 2011 will not allow (almost) any other security program to be active while AVG 2011 is active - Including Windows Defender -

At the moment I am searching for the response they gave to this question - Here it is below -


If you can follow this link , and the internal links , then you will find that AVG wants all other running F/walls and A/malware programs removed -

I use the same screen name there also -

I also know an AVG reseller who has not yet sold AVG 2011 due to the fact that he also sells Malwarebytes - He only installs/sells AVG 9 -

His hope is that our new Beta will not conflict with AVG 2011


MikeRepairs is looking at being an Avast reseller now -

EDIT 2 - Section of a personal email from another AVG reseller - (mentioned above)

I noticed V1.50 still is in beta and they are expecting to full final edition in about 3 weeks. Which is perfect I will market the new avg then. Until then all my clients are running AVG 9.0 with mbam .

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Soooo...does MBAM 1.50 work with AVG 2011? I see they implemented the "add exceptions by list" to the latest version of AVG, so you can just paste in a list of all the MBAM files rather than having to browse to each one seperately. But I still am not clear on whether AVG and MBAM can both be installed, both with their resident shields active, but both set as exceptions to each other?

Clearly if we are going for a "multi-layered" approach with AV protecting us and AM as a second layer of protection, we need to have both of them active at the same time...

I've got several hundred desktops that I'm holding off upgrading until I am clear on this issue.

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Here is what I have so far.


"Dear customer, Thank you for your email.

The free edition of Malwarebytes does not conflict, however the paid version of Malwarebytes may conflict as it has on-access scanning. This can potentially conflict with any other security product with an on-access scanner such as AVG's Resident Shield and Identity Protection features."


"Dear Reseller, Thank you for your email.

Sorry for the confusion. The "Dear customer" is an error generated from our ticketing system.

I have some of our senior support staff looking to the Malwarebytes/AVG 2011 conflict issue. If it is found to be incompatible, they will update the FAQ.

As for tech information, we do not have a newsletter or mailing list, however you can subscribe to the AVG RSS feeds by visiting:

http://www.avg.com/rss You can also find all AVG Press Releases by visiting: http://www.avg.com/press-releases-news

Best regards,"


Here is the FAQ link http://www.avg.com/us-en/faq#num-3283

This list is more complete but still does not include Malwarebytes. http://www.avg.com/us-en/faq.num-3274#num-3274

The AVG 2011 installation package is able to detect conflicting anti-virus products that may prevent some AVG components from functioning correctly. If a conflicting program is detected, it must be uninstalled before installing AVG. Generally, programs can be uninstalled using the standard Windows Add or Remove Programs option. To uninstall the conflicting program, please proceed as follows:

1. On the taskbar, click Start -> (Settings) -> Control Panel.

2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

3. Click the program you want to uninstall in the list of installed programs, and then click Remove.

4. After uninstalling the program, restart the computer and run the installation of AVG.

If you encounter any issues uninstalling a conflicting program, we recommend using a dedicated removal utility or instructions designed specifically for each program:

* Avast uninstall utility

* Avira AntiVir RegistryCleaner

* BitDefender uninstall instructions

* BullGuard uninstall instructions

* CA Anti-Virus uninstall utility

* Eset uninstall utility

* F-Secure uninstall utility

* G Data AntiVirus uninstall utility

* Kaspersky uninstall instructions

* McAfee uninstall utility

* Symantec uninstall utility

* Panda uninstall utility

* TrendMicro uninstall instructions

After using the uninstallation utility or following the removal instructions, restart your computer and run the AVG installation.

Note: If you experience any issues uninstalling a conflicting product, please contact the technical support of the program's vendor.


So I don't think it is going to be resolved. I just found out that PANDA blocks OpenOffice updates since July. They suggested turning off "Behavior Blocking" that made no difference, I had to stop Panda to do the update" So maybe AVAST

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Folks, I ran a test earlier today with MBAM V1.46 and AVG Free 2011 without any problems, But, I did uninstall the prior versions of AVG and MBAM and ran both removal programs(AVGRemover and MBAM-CLEAN) before I re-installed AVG Free and then MBAM Pro. This was on an XP 32 bit version pc.

Maybe someone else who is having the same problem would be willing to try it now, as I did earlier? AVG has made several updates since this problem first began.


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