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New Folders in C: Drive??


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Theres a lock symbol on "Users" ->> "NAME" and comes on and off. Is this something to be aware of, as on other computers ive used it doesnt come on and off. I know its related to sharing. but someone may be accessing my computer from another network? or can you explain why it comes on and off.

picture: http://www.ghacks.net/wp-content/uploads/2...n_windows_7.png <==== "Example of the lock"

Also there are now many new folders that have appeared in the C: Drive.

$INPLACE._~TR [Lock]

$WINDOWS.~Q [Lock]


Config.msi [Lock]


(can someone explain these folders and why they have just appeared now?}

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ive had windows 7 for a long time.. but after i used Combofix this happend

Did you use C/Fix under the direction of an expert on this or another forum , or just tried it your self -

This can alter your files if not used in the correct manner or for the correct reason !!!!

Please follow the directions in the item I posted above (Post #2) , as the files are not related to Win 7 but Vista or similar -

Thank You -

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i used Combofix this happend. And why is there no lock on users folder?

That is most likely why. Never under any circumstances should you use combofix!!!!! Unless you are being helped by a trained professional. Misuse can result in a broken install of windows and only yourself is to blame. Please only use this by a professional's advice and instructions.

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