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CD stuck in express card

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Hi everyone!

Today my teacher was askin if i can fix her laptop because she shoved a CD in the express card. :) ( not sure how u could shove one in unless if its a gamecube CD?)

This is actually the first time that a teacher actually asked me to fix there laptop and I never even toke apart a laptop before. However, i do have some knowledge because I do have around 9 videos of podnutz.com.

She didn't really give me much detail but its a SONY laptop and that the computer shop says it will cost $200 but I give it a try for free.

So just in case I don't screw her laptop even more or to be on the safe side, I've got some questions.

- My friend confused me between a express card and where u put ur floppy disk. Are they the same and what are each used for?

- If I actually do get the express card out, how do I get the CD out then?

- Could you please send me some pics on how to access and take out the express card instead of taking the whole laptop apart?

- Lastly, is there any risks that u get from putting a CD in the express card?

In advanced, thanks for ur help! She will show me her laptop tomorrow (Wed.) and hopefully I have it fix by Thurs. or Fri.

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i went home for lunch, so thats how i am replying right now.

i will send u the pics in around 3 hours if i can. i am not sure if she will make me fix it at home or at school but if at school, i most likely cant take pictures. hopefully she will give me her laptop at the end of school unless if u she forgets.

and could u tell me what is a express card for and a floppy disk? my friends dont really know and they think they are the same. now i am confused since i dont know much about pc cards and expres cards..

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There are way too many different floppy drives for laptops it all depents on the model number to the laptop which we would need to provide better help.

For example here is a search done on Google

Maybe hers is like one of the ones on that page but hard to know without the model number. Maybe she meant something like the one located at http://www.priorityelectronics.com/toshiba/pa2940u.htm

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wait wait wait, my teacher has a CD stuck in the express card, not the floppy drive.

and after doing some research a floppy disk and a express card are different i think. isnt a floppy disk like a USB but an outdated method of storing data?

and i kinda know what a express card is, but i still don't know much since i never used it, so if u guys have any other info on it, i would appreciate it. :) (already looked at Wiki)

Sorry, i did say that i would reply after 3 hours, however my teacher said that now she would bring it tomorrow.

and is there any risks for putting a CD in the express card like pc getting errors, or damage to the laptop?

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Guest remixed

Even if you remove the base the express card/exress card adapter module is likely to be a sealed unit so it ain't going to just drop out. I assume it's a 3cm Cd otherwise it wouldn't fit :) I would use a pair of tweezers :) . Tell her not be so dim in future!

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