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MBAM Protection Blocking LOTS of IP Addresses

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For a while, I've been seeing popups from my system tray extremely frequently. It seems like MBAM is blocking an IP address literally every few minutes.

This is the log from just today. My dad wakes up the PC at about 7:00, and I get on around 8:45. It's 12:45 right now. Of course, I replaced my User Account name with <MyUserAccount> and my Dad's account name with <MyDad'sAccount>. I'm the Administrator, my Dad is a Standard (Limited) User.

00:04:48	<MyUserAccount>	IP-BLOCK
00:30:01 <MyUserAccount> MESSAGE Scheduled scan executed successfully
07:08:26 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
07:24:36 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
07:25:00 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
07:25:00 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
07:25:49 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
07:29:09 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
07:41:11 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
08:11:48 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
08:24:56 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
08:40:49 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
08:50:35 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
08:53:47 <MyDad'sAccount> IP-BLOCK
08:54:03 (null) IP-BLOCK
08:54:03 (null) IP-BLOCK
08:54:59 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:14:07 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:26:33 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:26:33 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:29:37 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:36:58 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:40:43 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:40:59 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:40:59 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:41:55 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:42:11 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:47:24 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:47:24 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:49:56 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:49:56 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:50:12 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:50:36 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:50:36 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:50:44 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:50:44 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
09:57:10 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:12:48 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:19:45 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:22:49 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:31:47 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:40:44 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:42:04 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:54:30 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:54:30 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:55:10 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
10:55:10 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:08:16 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:28:02 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:32:43 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:41:39 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:55:48 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:56:28 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
11:56:37 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:02:21 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:06:14 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:09:35 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:09:43 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:10:07 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:14:07 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:28:00 <MyUserAccount> MESSAGE Protection started successfully
12:28:03 <MyUserAccount> MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully
12:28:11 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:29:15 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK
12:35:09 <MyUserAccount> IP-BLOCK

What should I do? Is there a hole in my firewall or something? I'm running the paid version of MBAM on Win7 Home 64-bit.

I use Windows Remote Desktop within my LAN, if that's relevant at all. But I don't use the default port 3389.

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this is an excerpt from the bottom of a P2P File Sharing Warning given to users seeking help at many of the forums

By using any form of P2P networking to download files you can anticipate infestations of malware to occur. The P2P program itself, may be safe but the files downloaded may not be... P2P programs form a direct conduit onto your computer, and their security measures are easily circumvented.... A poorly configured P2P program is always a security risk... you use P2P programs at your own risk! Keep in mind that this practice may be the source of your current malware infestation.

References... siting risk factors, using P2P programs:

Malware: Help prevent the Infection

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