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hanging on reboot

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Hello pc_plus2006: :welcome:

As a licensed technician, reseller, affiliate, you have access to the corporate Help Desk

Please provide your corporate license information when requesting help

just a small business owner helping other people out, not corporate. as a matter of fact they would never get back with me.

this has been happening on almost every system i have installed on for the last week or so.

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Please provide following details, so that someone may be able to assist you:

  • 1. OS version including 32/64-bit
    2. Installed Security Product(s) including Firewall
    3. MBAM version (current 1.46)
    4. Definition version (current 4801)
    5. Do you use a router to connect to Internet

may have figured it out. everything started with avg 2011 free version. dumped it and everything is fine. avg isnt that good. ill stick with malwarebytes!


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There is a known issue with the latest version of AVG 2011 and Malwarebytes. We are trying to figure out what the issue is to correct it.

Anyway, you still need to have an anti-virus software installed because Malwarebytes is not an Anti-Virus program.

May I suggest using Microsoft Security Essentials, it is free as well.

We have a guide for exceptions for Malwarebytes use with MSE located HERE.

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