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SolidWorks Cad Program

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I recently purchased 25 coporate licenses for our company. We run several cad programs. Several issues so far.

Solidworks 2009 will no longer work with Malwarebytes installed on the computer. Autodesk Inventor and Autocad seems to be fine. I am thinking that because Solidworks has a builtin auto feedback system that this could be causing issues. When we ran the Malwarebytes scanner it found a file which it removed that was an "adware". When this file was removed the Solidworks stopped working. We ran the repair on the Solidworks and it started working again, soon as you reboot its broke again. I looked under the log and the Quarantine area but didnt see the same file listed, so not sure if no it just removes it automatically with noting it or what.

At this point I am not sure if completely removing the Malwarebytes then reinstalling to try to get it to repeat the finding of the file where we can quickly ignore it is the way to go or what. I have always used the free version of Malwarebytes to clean up infected computers and its performance is what lead me to go ahead and get the licenses. Any help in working this out would be greatly appreciated.

The computer with the issue is running XP sp 3.

Another issue I had was on my Server 2003, Malwarebytes installed and ran fine, which is the first program of its sort that I have gotten to work on this SBS. The issues that occurred was that when running, the computers on the network no longer received the list of computers on the network. Turning off the Malwarebytes protection restored this function.

thanks in advance for any help you might can give.

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Hi -

You can Right click on the (M) in the taskbar when the block occurs and add the IP to the Exclusions list -

This will allow you to keep using the program without Malwarebytes detecting it - If this is the only problem -

Solidworks 2009 may include advertising that triggers MBAM to set off an IP block (not unusual) -

Thank You -

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