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Drummer Joke

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There are hundreds of drummer jokes aimed at us poor percussionists. Here is my favourite:

Two musicians were sat talking in a recording studio. The conversation turned from music to gameshows and quizzes.

"Out of pure interest," asked the first guy, " what is your IQ?"

"Well, " replied the second guy, " I recently took the online IQ test and scored 124."

"Really? What field of music are you into then?"

"Ohh, I like messing about with computer FX,programming and guitar building. What is your IQ then?"

" Last time I had it checked, my score was 165."

"Wowee,you must be real smart! What is your chosen field of music?"

" I build synthesizers,compose concertos for orchestra and can solve two Sudoku puzzles at the same time by writing with both hands."

Just then, a third musician entered the room:

"Hey guys, whatya doin'?"

" We are discussing the complexities of modern technology juxtaposed with traditional notation and instruments and the benefits there in." said the first musician.

"Because we discovered his IQ is 165 and mine is 124 and we share similar interests in music." added the second musician.

"So, friend," began the first musician, "what be your IQ?"

The third musician dropped his gaze to the floor,shuffled his feet and sighed: " 16."

"Oh really? What sort of drum sticks do you use?"

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