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Cant update Malwarebytes, Router hijacked?

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I think my router is hijacked. I get redirected to websites, after i'm already in them. I get an occasional antivirus thing that tries to start itself on my webrowser .Also I get disconnected from the internet for hours at a clip for no reason, then reconnects for no reason. i mess with the router and the other incoming gadgets plugging and unplugging and sometimes seems like something rests and it works.MBAM isnt finding anything.

Got sick of it and did a system recovery and reinstalled OS yesterday morning. same results, still redirected, still getting what I think is a bogus antivirus program wants to start itself on my browser ( I just close browser when it tries to run. I tried running MBAM but it wont let me update.I get error code > MBAM ERROR UPDATING (12007,0, WinHttpSendRequest). I read the other thread


and tried everything it said on it, and ran trace. No Joy as far as updating, but I believe I have confirmed the router is hijacked.I cant get the 4 digit code im supposed from malware website, wont connect, and the IP adresss in the trace is different than what it says it suppsoed to be.I ran the utiliy from MS, then reset router after reboot, then flushed DNS cache.i still cannot update. I have :

Windows 7= 32 bit

Windows firewall,

MBAM 1.46

Linksys WRT54G router,

2 computers on ethernet and a wireless in the house

ISP provider is a company called broadstar, also called primecast.

The technology itself is wierd. I live in a development, there are poles installed throught the development, every couple hundred yards about 40 ft hich, and they have little transmitters on them, and I have a mast on my house with a very small reciever, say, 10 inches high and 3 inches wide.there is a control place where all thes poles tie in somewhere on the property, i dunno where, and I dunno if the signal comes in through cable or satelite to this distribution system.their customer service is nonexistent,for all intents and purposes("Please leave your name and we will have a technician call you back", they do like 3 days later),.

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tried to click on http://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/v0/database/version.check and get server not found message. ran traceroute, results below :

Traceroute Malwarebytes CDN version 1.5

Mon 10/11/2010


Phase #1

Tracerouting: data-cdn.mbamupdates.com

Unable to resolve target system name data-cdn.mbamupdates.com.

DNS Info

Server: UnKnown



Phase #2

Tracerouting: llnw.data-cdn.mbamupdates.com

Unable to resolve target system name llnw.data-cdn.mbamupdates.com.

DNS Info

Server: UnKnown



Phase #3

Tracerouting: edge.data-cdn.mbamupdates.com

Unable to resolve target system name edge.data-cdn.mbamupdates.com.

DNS Info

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Hello ShermansWar: :lol:

Sorry to know that you are having problems, you have mentioned "2 computers on Ethernet and a wireless in the house" are they all showing the same symptoms? The affected one is it connected via wire or wireless?

Doing a System Restore from an infected system is not a good idea as it is already infected. Simplest path but most likely a little bit longer route

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If the other 2 computers in the house are accessing the Internet ok, then maybe malware on the pc inserted a proxy server on the failing pc.

Look under Control Panel - Internet Properties - Connections - Lan Settings - Proxy server

If the "Use a proxy server...." is checked off, then un-check it. And click OK, then Apply, then OK.

Try updating your MBAM.

Good luck!

Randy C

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