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BEST duct tape story *ever*!! :)


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Best duct tape story ever...

During a private fly-in fishing excursion into the

Alaskan wilderness, the chartered pilot and fishermen

left a cooler with bait in the plane. And a bear smelled it.

This is what it did to the plane

The pilot used his radio and had another pilot

bring him two new tires, three cases of duct tape,

and a supply of sheet plastic.

He then patched the plane together, and FLEW IT HOME!

Moral of this story: DUCT TAPE.. "Don't leave home without it!" (with apologies to AMEX)


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Other people that like Duct tape:

MythBusters: Duct Tape Hour 2


Red Green



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Duct Tape weighs to much ???? I could be wrong

I think that particular type of bush plane has a max of pilot and 2 passengers at 175lbs each and a "cargo" load of 630lbs and it can still be trimmed enough that the center of gravity isn't too far out of whack. It was a forward from a pilot friend of mine so I suspect it's a true one.

I'd be more worried about whether they wrapped the duct tape from cockpit to tail or vice-versa as I'd be afraid the wind would tend to "peel" at the edges of the tape if it was wrapped with the wrong direction overlapped. *shudder*


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and is the temp. an issue also? :o

Geez, Louise.. I never even thought of that! There's no snow on the ground so it's probably semi-warm there but the wind and temperature in the air at a few thousand feet; I don't think I'd want to fly too far as that tape-glue loses its "sticky" the colder it gets. :o Glad I wasn't flying out with him. :o

~I don't like flying, Shy

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In building it is used to tape the sheets of plastic that are laid under on ground concrete pours -

The air/plastic can be damp or even be in dusty conditions but the "Grey Tape" always seems to hang on -

"If you can't fix it with grey tape , then use tie wire" - Every builder knows that :o - (At least Down Under) -

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I wonder which is stickier; the original "duct tape which was originally developed during World War II in 1942 as a water resistant sealing tape for ammunition cases. Permacel, then a division of Johnson & Johnson, used a rubber-based adhesive to help the tape resist water and a fabric backing to add strength. It was also used to repair military equipment quickly, including jeeps, firearms, and aircraft because of these properties." or Gorilla

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Gorilla Tape is a tape sold by the makers of Gorilla Glue. The tape is marketed as being the "toughest tape on the planet [1]," and was featured in Popular Science's "Best of What's New 2006."[2] The tape uses two layers of adhesive and two layers of fabric backing to add strength, with the manufacturers claiming it to be 145% stronger than any duct tape on the market. Due to the thicker layer of adhesive this tape is said to be able to bond to surfaces duct tape can't bond to, like stucco and brick surfaces. Another thing unlike duct tape Gorilla tape might leave a sticky residue. However, this side-effect can easily be remedied by dabbing a fresh piece of tape on the residue

Gorilla is more of a fabric based item than the other plastic/rubber based Duct tape , as we know it to be -

Also a lot more expensive !!!!!

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