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Problem updating

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Hello there !

So I have a problem with my MBAM, it will not update, and I am stuck on a old version which of course is no use !

When I try to update I receive this message:

An error has occured. Please report this error code to our support team.

MBAM_ERROR_UPDATING (12007, 0, WinHttpSendRequest)

Does anybody know of a solution to this problem ?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

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Hello Stuuart: :lol:

Please provide following details, someone will help you:

  1. OS version including 32/64-bits
  2. Installed Security Product(s) including Firewall

In the mean time you may try a fresh install by following these steps in the same sequence:

If you have registered version then have the ID/KEY from the system handy, You should also have an email from Cleverbridge with your ID/KEY purchase information

  1. Uninstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware using Add/Remove programs from the Control Panel
  2. Restart your computer (very important)
  3. Download and run mbam-clean.exe
  4. Restart your computer (very important)
  5. Download a fresh copy from here
  6. Disable AV temporarily. Then install MBAM from the newly downloaded copy after completion it will automatically open update window, please allow (current 4790)
  7. Register it with the ID/KEY (in case of registered version)
  8. Enable AV ensuring all recommended exclusions are still in place

Should you have any other question(s) please post back using MXyBj.png button

Alternatively, as a paying customer, you can contact the Help Desk

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Follow Post #2

After Post # 2 post the answers to this:

If you still have problems please follow these steps -

Here are some steps to diagnose update issues:

Step 1

First - Click on this link and let me know what it says. It should be just a 4-digit number in the upper-left corner.

This should be less than 4791

Step 2

Next - Please download and run the traceroute utility at this link. It will run a traceroute to our update servers to see if it can find the connection issue, and then it will write it to a log, and open that log in Notepad when it is done. Please either save the log as a Text File and then attach it to a reply, or copy and paste it into a reply, and I will forward it on to our server guy.

Note that it may take several minutes to run, and it may look like it is not doing anything for a few minutes. Normally it takes longer when there are errors that it has to log, but it's rare for it to go more than 10 minutes.

Step 3

Please download TCPView from Microsoft at this link.

This utility will monitor everything that is accessing the Internet or your local network. All you have to do is run TCPView, and then run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and start the update. Watch TCPView to see if mbam.exe shows up in the list. It will be pretty obvious, because it highlights it in green.

I need to know what "Remote Address" Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is trying to connect to. Once it shows up in the list, you can right-click on the line for mbam.exe, and select 'Copy' in order to paste it into a reply. It will tell me what I need to know. Below is an example of what the line you are looking for will look like inside the following code box:

mbam.exe:3656	TCP	vista-x64:52135	cdn-208-111-168-7.ord.llnw.net:http	ESTABLISHED

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