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manual definition updates


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Hello Gmanson

are you referring to (page last updated 7-23-2010) ?

I fairly sure that this is more than likely the last time that webpage was modified the links for Malwarebytes are good the Experts working the forums use them all the time so they stay pretty up to date :) the manual update does usually run a little behind the current definitions, the definition there I downloaded and checked it isn't too far off for the offline update,

the current definitions are 4783

the offline update is 4700

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On site link to updates in the FAQ section (item #4) - Usually a bit closer than GT500's site -

http://malwarebytes.gt500.org/  -  http://data.mbamupdates.com/tools/mbam-rules.exe

http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=10138&st=0&p=49525entry49525 - http://data.mbamupdates.com/tools/mbam-rules.exe

:o :o same link different mirrors :)

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Hi Swagger,

I know you didn't ask me but MY guess (and don't take my word for it) is because Mbam will be moving to incremental updates at a future date (within the next few months I believe), that may be why manual update procedures aren't being advertised. Once incremental updates are in place, manual updates will no longer be possible, as far as I understand.

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  • Root Admin

They're basically becoming more complex due to improvements required to detect and remove some Malware. The copy over will still work but can invalidate the metadata that the system stores so even if you did do it you should update manually the proper way as soon as you can. We are working on another update method but it's not ready yet.

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