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hi,janice here!i just ran yourp program[free]version of malwarebytes,and it shows there are no infections,but,my computer is still loading to slow,of course i am on dial-up!sorry.now i have a few questions.first let me say i rolled my computer back with this program[fix-it professional[8]this is working alright i guess,but the problem is now it took my ad-aware-2007 off,and,or,out of my computer,and i really liked that program,problem again,i simply cannot download ad-aware 2008,without that site trying to get me to purchase it,or,i get an error message saying something like files are corrupted,or,error number[1810]and i am using avast[anti-virus]and windows defender,so i guess my real question is!if i go in and roll my computer back up to date,how can i be sure all malware is permently removes??this ,or,that malware problem is[JAVA_BYTEVER.BX]i did not see any file,or,folder that had this on it when it was scanning,not that i sat here and tried to read it,as,it was going,so do i have any guarantee that{ALL]malware are gone for good??i downloaded the free version,as,i cannot pay for the full version.would really like an answer really,really,soon.thanks.

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