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Tracking Removal Cookie Support

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There's a good PC World article about common computer myths located here:

When cookies first appeared, some Web users got bent out of shape because they thought cookies would track their every move online. Wrong.

Sure, cookies can perform limited tracking when you're browsing Web pages. And some persistent cookies can trace your movements from site to site. For instance, cookies from DoubleClick, a company that feeds targeted Web ads to users, track your surfing to any DoubleClick-enabled site to make sure that you don't see the same advertisement over and over.

But most cookies are far less intrusive. A cookie used by Amazon.com, for example, to personalize the Web site for you doesn't pay any attention to what you do when you head to another shopping site such as Barnes and Noble.

If you're worried about cookies, turn them off in your browser (although doing so will render many sites virtually unsurfable). In IE, choose Tools, Internet Options, click the Privacy tab, and click Advanced to override automatic cookie handling. Also, consider opting out of DoubleClick's site-to-site cookie tracking.

The reality is, if you're only cleaning up tracking cookies after browsing instead of blocking them, it does nothing to prevent site to site tracking and statistics gathering etc. It's like going out on a hot day, getting sunburn, and then putting on sunblock after the sun goes down. Whatever the cookies were going to do, they've already done while your browser was open and they were first downloaded. If you just want something to clean out all cookies (including tracking cookies), you can use a good temp file cleaner.
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Sir Thanks For Ur reply

Now i Understood that tracking cookie will be removed after computer clean

I use a program called ccleaner To clean My computer, Is That enough To remove Tracking Cookies.. ?

A lot of people use that here and recommend it. I even use it myself and love it. That'll be plenty.:(

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