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Hi all,

I'm having serious trouble with some nasty piece of software on a friend's laptop.

It's an HP Vista laptop and I think it has been infected with Fast Browser Search.

But the computer is so slow, it's unusable. Logging in takes ages, and as soon as I log on all apps start crashing and Windows starts Error Reporting.

AVG Free 9.0 is running in the background, but the one time I was able to get into the GUI it errored when I wanted into the 'Advanced Settings' screen.

I ran combofix several times anyway, but only once it made it into the result log afterwards.

Tried booting into safe mode, but it hangs on crcdisk.sys.

I'd like to have malwarebytes or any other tool fix this for me, but right now I have a hard time running/installing anything at all.

I'm out of ideas, please advise.

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