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folder naming?


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I didn't know where else to put this, but I just wanted to let the people here know about this.

I was running v1.46 on XP with SP2 and just downloaded the new def file. When I ran a quick scan, it ran fine until it hit the part wher it

started scanning physical files on the hard disk.

It hit a folder with a name that shouldn't even exist, D:\GraviTy\V-6-7-22-333333EEEE-444444444444-88888888888-220.

The scanner paused and suddenly there was a pop up with MBAM_ERROR_ADD_TO_RESULTS(0,7).

I clicked on the button and it stayed on the same folder, but the infected files went up to about 33. The error came up another time before I used task manager to quit MBAM. I checked my disk with the command prompt and searched for the folder that MBAM locked up on. I couldn't find the folder, even looking with the /a switch. I popped out my drive and looked at it with a machine running ubuntu and that one couldn't find the folder either.

I looked in the forums first and found some other errors that looked like mine, namely the add to results error(0,5). I followed the steps and re-ran the program, but it still locked up at the same folder. I forced quit and then ran MBAM again, watching closely and abort scan when the folder scan immediately hit the folder. This time I was able to stop the scan without MBAM locking up.

I checked the quarantine log and was surprised to find a whole folder of files that was previously scanned clean awhile back, each one was marked as a suspected trojan. Not only that, the folder and all internal folders were considered a trojan infected files; I mean that there was an empty folder with the directory path as its file name listed as a trojan suspect file.

At least I was getting somewhere with the quarantined files. It seems that when I renamed a folder "heaplip" (word in the quotes), MBAM went weird and started marking the entire folder as a trojan, along with everything in it.

I renamed the folder to another name ("zzz" to be safe), and ran MBAM again under quick scan. I was happy that it ran and found nothing wrong. I ran a full scan, just to make sure and it said no malicious items detected.

Again, I just wanted to let the people here know what I found out (quite by accident).

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