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WinPatrol™ 2015 Updates v33.6.2015.17


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Our first version of WinPatrol 2015 is designed to show all our fans that we're here to stay. We've been listening and our commitment is strong. While other small companies accept payments to download unwanted adware, we'll be adding new features that make your computing take less of your time. We want our free users to reward us by upgrading to PLUS not just because it's a great deal.

WinPatrol works and plays well with others.
WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, & supports all Windows 64 bit features without conflicts with other programs. The addition of WinPatrol provides a layered security approach required when even legitimate programs allow unwanted toolbars to be installed. When you download from WinPatrol.com you get a secure, certificate signed application and nothing unexpected.

WinPatrol was the first program to use a behavioral approach to detect new changes due to infiltrations and Zero-Day attacks. WinPatrol continues to add unique features and remains the smallest, fastest system monitor of its kind. Install WinPatrol anytime you rebuild or purchase a new computer. A snapshot of critical system locations and resources is recorded so if anything changes you'll know what changed and when!

WinPatrol is NOT:
• Likely to conflict with other security programs you rely on.
• A huge drain on your system resources or performance.
• A yearly subscription or program only designed to help if you pay to upgrade.
• A signature based system that relies on already identified threats.
• A program that will update itself automatically without your knowledge.
• Going to connect to the internet unless you explicitly request info.
• Going to install any addition crap or toolbars on your system.
• Supports Windows 98 - Windows 7 including x64 systems.

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WinPatrol v33.6.2015.17

July 25 2015

Please note: WinPatrol is not always starting after upgrade.

You can always start WinPatrol from your start-menu or by restarting your computer.

Whats New

• Enhanced start-up logic to include more start-up programs.

• Better detection of 64 bit startup and active tasks.

• Better detection of 64 bit program status.

• Fixes for repeat alerts.

• Improved installation/upgrade.

• Support for Windows 10 Edge cookies (No Spartan Cookies).

• Fixes potential error when disabling/enabling startup tasks that would corrupt data on the screen.

• Active Tasks page now displays all running instances of the same executable.

• Ability to terminate all active tasks for the same program.

• Fixed bug that would result in unwanted UAC prompts when running WinPatrol Explorer

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