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I have a PC that had some pretty nasty stuff on it. I installed MBAM off of a flash drive and ran a scan, this cleaned up everything that I can see. The only problem now is that I am trying to update MBAM so I can run it again but the computer will not connect to the internet. I am running XP SP3 on a high speed connection. So far I have tried the following:

netsh /flush dns

netsh winsock reset /all

delete IE registry settings and allow explorer to rebuild them (i did back them up and replace them after this didn't work)

checked and renamed host file

checked connection/LAN settings to make sure no proxy's are enabled

Verified the computer is connecting to the modem and showing a connection

Verified the cable modem is working by testing another computer on it

Reset all IE settings (computer also has fire fox and google chrome which do not wor either)

I have a feeling there is something in the regstry I am missing but I can't figure it out. Does anyone have any ideas here? I am thinkig that if I can udate MBAM on another machine I can pull the definition files over but I can't seem to find where they are stored. Does anyone know where they are stored on machine? Any help is greatly appreciated as I don't want to wipe this machine (it has way too much data to back up!)

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Thans, I will give that a shot. I have scanned with super anti-virus but the problem is I can't upate and of the definiation files. Hopefully your idea will work, even though it means I wasted countless hours trying to figure it out when I should have tried the simple stuff firs :)

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