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MBAM Update - Bandwidth Hog?

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I have a T1 internet connection and everyday for the last week or so exactly at Noon there is traffic to two IP's that taking up all of my bandwidth. The traffic is going to two IP's that resolve to "Limelight Networks" and I'm wondering if MBAM uses Limelight to deliver it's updates. What makes me curious is that everyday at Noon is when I have my MBAM updates scheduled to run.

My first question is, can you verify that these two IP's are for MBAM updates?

Second question, any idea why MBAM updates would be eating up so much bandwidth? There are anywhere from 10 -20 MBAM clients updating at that time and they're utilizing about 1.144 Mb/s. Does that seem like a normal amount of traffic for that many users?

Thanks in advance for all of your help. If those IP's aren't associated with MBAM sorry for wasting your time!


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. - This is the update site - If you are not getting this site it is due to some infection - Avira\AntiVir update is at that IP -

If corporate , then please follow the advice above from member Firefox - You are infected -

Please post back if we are wrong -

Thank You -

This link. should take you there - If not it is some infection -

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