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Malwarebytes Portable

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The definitions in that version are already out of date -

I just checked mine and it is already past the download you point to ??

It just seems like a normal download and needs updating prior to use - Who put the link on there ??

It is not a portable version , just an unnamed link to a download from ?????????????????

I can give you about 10 links to Real download sites , including legal resellers - This seems illegal -

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There is no actual Malwarebytes portable made by Malwarebytes at this time.

Usage is completely at your own risk, and is not supported by Malwarebytes.

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What about this for a semi portable version???

Making Malwarebytes Anti-Malware portable:

* Install

* Copy application directory to any location you like

* Copy mbam.sys & mbamswissarmy.sys from "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\" anywhere you like, to take them with you (eg. the copied application directory)

* Uninstall

* Remove the uninstall files (unins000.dat, .exe & .msg) from the copied application directory if you like

* Take the application directory anywhere you like

* On the host machine copy mbam.sys & mbamswissarmy.sys to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\"

* On the host machine run:

regsvr32.exe "DRIVE:\PATH\mbamext.dll"

regsvr32.exe "DRIVE:\PATH\\ssubtmr6.dll"

regsvr32.exe "DRIVE:\PATH\\vbalsgrid6.ocx"

(You will be notified about registration success (or errors), use switch "/s" for silent registration.)

(You need admin rights for registration to succeed. Do this from an admin account or with elevated rights)

* Run "mbam.exe" from the application directory (not mbamgui.exe)

If the commands are put in a cmd file it would make it even easier??



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What about this for a semi portable version???

Same issue, if it's installed in such a non-default manner (assuming it would work without rules.ref and its userdata and programdata directories) instead of simply executing the installer, we can't support it if issues are encountered in its use since it's being installed in a manner that it wasn't created to be. x64 must also be considered, the locations of files will be different on those systems and if it's being made portable for the sake of using it on a system that's already infected it still won't work as many infections these days disable use of the command prompt and batch files.

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