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Spam Continuing After Malwarebytes Cleaning

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This is a new one on me.

My daughter's laptop started sending spam using her e-mail address. I brought her laptop home, ran Malwarebytes (free version), removed 26 instances of malware, cleaned the registry, and set it aside. Shortly thereafter, I received another spam message (same message as before) using her e-mail address. But her laptop hasn't been connected to the internet since I brought it home and cleaned it. The same thing happened again today. All I can figure is that a Trojan hijacked her e-mail address and address book and is sending e-mails from another computer.

What's going on and is there anything I can do to stop it?

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Hi, and Welcome to Malwarebytes!

You could try loggin into her email account from a known clean computer and change her password NOW! If you feel that the computer may still be infected let the experts take a look at it.

Please read the following so that you can begin the cleaning process:

As we don't deal with malware removal in the General Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Forum, you need to start a topic in the Malware Removal forum so a qualified helper can help you fix any malware related problems/infections you may have.

  • Please read and follow the directions here, skipping any steps you are unable to complete. Then post a NEW topic here.
  • After posting your new post, make sure under options, you select Track this topic and choose Immediate Email Notification, so that you're alerted when someone has replied to your post.
  • One of the expert helpers there will give you one-on-one assistance when one becomes available.
  • Please refrain from making any further changes to your computer (Install/Uninstall programs, use special fix tools, delete files, edit the registry, etc...) unless advised by a malware removal helper. Doing so can result in system changes which may hinder the attempts by a helper to clean your machine.

NOTE: Please DO NOT post back to (bump) your topic within the first 48 hours.

Replying to your own posts changes the post count and helpers are looking for topics with zero replies. If you reply to your own post helpers may think that you're already being helped and thus overlook your post.

    • If there is no reply from any experts after 48 hours, you can reply to the topic, asking for help again.
    • You may send a Private Message to a Moderator asking for assistance.

Alternatively, as a paying customer, you can contact the help desk at support@malwarebytes.org or here.

Please be patient, someone will assist you as soon as it is possible.

PS: Please use the "ADDREPLY" t_reply.gif button instead of other ones when you start replying. :)

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Guest garybear

Hi bid522! Firefox has the right solution for you. My neighbor just experienced the same thing. I helped her clean her PC with Malwarebytes and other programs. I'm sure she is free of all infections. She had to change her email address. This has been happening to a lot of people lately. I'm not sure how this works, but they will eventually get tired of doing the spam. It's a real pain, but just tell your friends what's going on and tell them to delete all mail with old address or just tell them to block the old address. Use the new address and be very careful who you give your new address to. I think it is related to facebook, but I can't prove that. There is always some one that enjoys causing trouble to nice people. When a email address is required from a site, I always give one that I don't use very often. I hate to do that , but it stops the trouble you are having.


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Guest garybear

Hi! I hope the password works for you. Some child has nothing better to do than cause problems. My neighbors spam messages were all about Viagra, and was embarrassed by them. They have stopped and the prankster has moved on to some one else.Sick Sick Sick! The price we pay for the internet. If you think you are infected , this is the best forum in the world to get your PC cleaned up. Some great people here!


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Guest garybear

Hi! I don't want to hijack this topic, and I believe it has been answered very well, but I would like to hear comments on this . I believe that a good anti-virus that is kept up to date plus a good firewall that blocks incoming as well as out going: which windows firewall will not do, and Malwarebytes running in real time will stop this kind of problem from ever happening. You should test your firewall for leaks with Gibson Research Corp. This is just my thoughts, and I suppose you could still have this problem, but it sure would cut the possibilities down of having this problem.

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