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Lightning Strike - Computer won't start


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Hello hughmunbeane and Welcome to Malwarebytes.org

What is the make and model # of your computer, also did you check the motherboard for any burnmarks (psu plug,etc). If this is an older Emachine the Powersupply, motherboard and keyboard would be fried. Can switch out the Powersuppy to test if the motherboard is still good.

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with a "lightning strike" ... all the bets are off .

the first logical place to look/check is the power supply , this is the most likely candidate for wipe-out .

substitution with a known good supply is the easiest way to tell ... especially if you do not have a background in component level repair of electronic gear and more than a screwdriver or two for tools (a radioshack VOM does not count as a "tool" , at least in my book) .

after subbing in a good/real power supply (not some 20 dollar piece of junk) and the comp fires up you may find that the ethernet port does not work ...

if the machine works ok other than this you can grab an ethernet card to get this side going .

you will have to ensure that all the devices that the motherboard hook to are ok .

"lightning strikes" (spikes , over voltage , etc) can really cause some strange damage and things to happen .

if comp does not fire up (not even a beep) or gives other problems ... it is time to go to the next level : mother board replacement (and possibly ram , HD , etc ) .

it is easier and cheaper to replace a motherboard than it is to try to fix one ... especially to/for the uninitiated .

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A good surge protector is what you need or "Battery backup and surge protection for computer systems, home networking" here's 1 place: http://www.apc.com/index.cfm

I have them on all computers. TV's, Phone system, ect.. and they have a $10,000. insurance program (unless it went up)? I've been with the above company since Win 95.

You may have fried a Resistor?

and/or a capacitor?

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APC's are great, the one I have protects me from power surges, voltage spikes, phone lines, CAT5, and coax (for TV card) all in one.

Last time my PC got zapped by lightning it came through the coax that supplies my Internet, and fried all my CAT5 connections, router, hubs, and 5 network cards. I learned my lesson.

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@ Firefox

Its good now they have an input & output to the router for the eithernet/CAT5 going thru the APC/UPS. Plus we have the Power Chute Software, tells us if electrical noise, spikes, low voltage, ect... I have a friend in town. Lightning hit close enough to fry his APC/UPS ES-750 -- before it got to any of the pc equipment. APC replaced the ES-750 --no charge!

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