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Super salmon or 'Frankenfish'? FDA to decide

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Well, the sad fact of the matter is many processed foods are in fact genetically modified. Even some "natural" fruits are: seedless grapes are one example of genetically modified foods. Mind you, hormones can and do wreak havoc on our bodies in ways we may not fully understand. Our cellular network is a complex array of cells communicating via hormones which can trigger cellular cascades we may not even predict.

The issue with this "frakenfish" is not so much it being genetically modified, I think, but the methods of genetic manipulation used. Because we're dealing with a "conscious" creature and not a plant, the hidden effects of the fish's modified hormone configuration has the potential to be more severe and more likely to happen. Animals are much more complex from a histological standpoint than plants (though interestingly enough, most species of plants contain more DNA than found in animal species).

However, the issue is not so black and white here. genetic manipulation does not always equal to evil or disaster. We have to look at the effects and think about the consequences and determine if the ramifications justify the genetic manipulation from an ethical and practical point of view.

To illustrate this point, check out this youtube clip:

this is an extreme example of genetic manipulation but one that illustrates my point well.

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