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MSO word shifting to low res


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hello ,

i have been trying to find an answer to this problem for a couple of days ...

a machine running vista(less) will go to the low res mode when i open MSO word 2007 .

when i click on the icon a UAC window pops up ... i allow it to run ... the screen blanks for a second and then word opens up in low res .

when closing the program the reverse happens .

while in the low res mode i can go into the nvidia settings and sure enough , the settings are for low res . i change the settings and back into high res it goes , click apply and all is good until i restart MSO word . the same old story happens .

the above does not happen when opening MS works word processor , excell , one note , works task launcher , etc . all seem to function/look ok .

so , i thought that perhaps the MSO word 2007 was corrupted or something along those lines and not associated with a user profile telling it to go into the low res mode .

as a test i created another (new) full admin account ... lo and behold , MSO word opens without asking for permission and in the high res mode ! the rest of the programs look/act normal as well .

AHA ! (methinks) the problem must be associated with the other account .

i started searching (the net) for a way to tell what was going on with (in my words) the customization of a user account along these lines ... and came up empty handed .

man , i have been all over the MS site and the net ... i even came up with a cookie recipe ! :) :)

i am not all that hip with office and the other associated programs ... never had a big need for them .

does anybody have an idea or link ?

many thanks in advance .

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i did not find anything like you mentioned .

i did notice that after opening mso word and minimizing it the desktop icons are in low res . opening IE and FF shows in a low resolution format but the material (say search results pictures) is ok . opening other programs (such as adobe reader) results in a low res picture .

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yeah , shuffling the stuff over from the other account would be a way to do it ...

but that seems like end-running a problem ... bandaiding .

i really would like to know what happened ... methinks that someone with fat-fingers got into it . ;)

if push comes to shove , i'll do it .

meanwhile ...

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welll ...

it looks like it is sorted out ...

the properties windows that showed on the shortcut in the "programs list" did not have the compatibility view tab .

the picture of the properties windows jogged my memory .

i went to the windows program folder (x86 side) and took a look at the properties there ...

yep ... it was set to run in the W2K mode @ 256 colors with admin privileges !

i have no idea how this happened ...

basically , it was a case of ; "it was working ok and the next thing you know ..." .

and of course nobody knows what happened and did not touch the machine . yeah right , they were in the next county when it happened . ;)

thanks for the help .

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