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MalwareBytes Icon??

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Okay so I've recently contracted the horrible virus AntimalwareDoctor. I went to a safe computer and followed the steps of downloading rkil and malwarebytes on a flash drive. I executed both on my infected laptop and malwarebytes did a wonderful job of detecting and then deleting the virus. Yet, after I thought I'd gotten rid of this rogue the popups began again! :) I re-ran rkill and malwarebytes once more in safe mode with networking and it seemed to get it under control. Now I do regular scans with the program and this morning it found 2 more infected files which I then removed. Now my question is this-MalwareBytes has an icon on my desktop but it looks funny now (sorry so small):


The symbol for antimalware doctor seems to placed on the icon..should I be worried; what should I do? Please help!

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Until one of the experts arrives, your shortcut icon looks normal to me (though it *is* a bit small :) ).

What you are seeing is the Windows UAC overlay, which is normal. (Mine is attached.)

That said, you will likely wish to wait for further instructions from the experts about making sure your computer is completely cleaned up.

I think they will ask that you run a FULL scan in NORMAL mode and perhaps post any logs.

NOTE: This particular forum doesn't handle infections/cleaning, so one of the mods may move your thread to another board, as needed.



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Thank you so much for the insightful post daledoc1! I was unsure of what that icon meant because it looks similar to the virus icon; it has also appeared over other programs on my computer such as yahoo instant messenger and camstudio. Whew!! Also, thanks for the welcome Haider.

So grateful for this program-it literally saved me $300 dollars for a professional to do the same thing.

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Hi -

Yes - Daledoc1 noted this on another Icon a week or so ago - It is the normal desktop icon usually seen on Vista or Win7 -

The Icon on an XP (or earlier) unit will not usually have this UAC overlay -

It just shows that you have it running under Administrator privilages -

Thanks to daledoc1 for that - I hope you have any other problems fixed in the HiJackThis - Malware Removal forum area -

All services there are free , but due to the volume of requests , please be patient -

Thank You -

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