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MalwareBytes blocks IroncladCaptcha

Konstntin Artemev

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My name is Konstantin Artemev, I'm chief manager of Security

Stronghold company, the developer of IroncladCaptcha:


Webmasters that installed our Captcha on their web sites started

complaining that their visitors who have MalwareBytes Antimalware

installed can't access registration forms on their sites as

your program is blocking access to IroncladCaptcha's server.

Consequentally, people who have MalwareBytes Antimalware

can't pass through registration/login processes on over 750 web sites

that have IroncladCaptcha installed now.

I attach screenshot that one of our users sent us to illustrate the

problem. The captcha is absent from page as MalwareBytes Antimalware

blocks access to captcha's server for some reason, and there is no way

to pass registration form for the visitor.

Please fix this problem as fast as possible, as a lot of people are

affected with it. Thank you.

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