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David Gerard

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I'm the person with the root prompt for the server at, which has a pile of sites on it.

Every site is being flagged by your software as "potentially malicious sites".

I couldn't spot any malware on known sites at a glance, and the sites aren't in stopbadware.org - could you please point me at what was being detected as "potentially malicious"?

I have run ClamAV over the server.

There are a few shock sites hosted on that IP - the famous lemonparty dot org and k-k-k dot com, for two. (I typed out those addresses so you won't accidentally click on them.) However, those are disconcerting imagery, not malware. If that's covered by "potentially malicious", is it possible to restrict it to those URLs rather than the whole server?

What can I do to get the sites unblocked, and stop entirely innocent sites being flagged as "potentially malicious"?

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This is scheduled for unblocking on the next update as the range is now clean

I am told it's unblocked now. Thank you!

If this one pops up again, I'm contactable at dgerard@gmail.com . That box is absolutely not supposed to be a source of toxic waste, and I will remove any I know about as absolutely soon as I do.

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