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Question about headers


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I received an email from Paypal and I would appreciate it very much if someone could tell me where I can post the full header (or to whom I could send it) to have it checked : to see whether it is a genuine email or a spoofed one.

Heartfelt thanks.


There are several, good online "header analyzers" where you cut and paste the full email header into the input field. The site will analyze the headers and pull out the IP addresses as well as city/country locations.

  1. http://headertool.apelord.com/ After analyzing, use the DNSSTUFF button next to the IP for better results; WHOIS is shaky on this site.
  2. http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/email-tracking/email-header.php The header input box is down near bottom; have to use CAPTCHA is only downside.


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Thank you both!

The problem is I'm not sure it's a spoofed one : it's in faultless Dutch, they don't ask for any personal information and the links are rated green by Wot, so I'm a bit hesitant to forward it to "spoof ad Paypal dot com" hence my question (expecially after that Amazon disaster some time ago). :blink:

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I'm glad that you were able to figure it out Mona! :blink:

We all like to keep our friends safe and us watching each others' back is one of the great things about hanging around here. *wink*


And that's why this is such a nice forum!!!

Agreed again :blink:

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