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Swag request.


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It would benefit Malwarebytes to offer swag like pens, shirts, caps, and the like. My job is a house-call technician for residential and business. I am always recommending Malwarebytes and having swag to wear and use will help sell the program as it shows how much I support it. As well, it nwould make great giveaways to clients.

I sell the program in partnership with a local computer store who probably gets them from DSolutions.

Posters won't help (which is all DSolutions offered).

Make the technicians part of your marketing team by enlisting them to wear and use swag. This also makes us feel closer to the company and well treated so as to be even happier to genuinely recommend the product.

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I have to admit that those ideas are great! I know I would wear a shirt or cap to the gym all the time. I talk to lots of people and they actually ask ME advice on programs and this is the one that I recommend without a doubt. :)

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Chris me to as this would be so cool and people do like to promote there favourite software and i think there should be a blue logo on the back with the url and on the front with the red mbam logo top left of the hoodie/T-shirt and on the front in the middle with a big sign saying mbam

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I'm still waiting on the availability of MBAM baseball caps and hoodies. I'll pay top dollar, I don't care what it costs :blink:.

ANY embroidery shop in a mall can scan the logo and reproduce it on whatever you like.

Cut/Copy/Screen Snip, adjust the size, print, off to the mall you go.

Hit the 'EASY' button on this one!!!!

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