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Two lousy days happening here


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Yesterday i took herself to the hospital for scheduled surgery to remove excess scar tissue under her arms and just at top of the ribs on each side from last years major surgery. She was in surgery at approx 10 am and in recovery by noon.

I brought her home at about 3 pm and she was/is quite comfortable and upbeat. On the way home i picked up the scripts for antibiotics and painkillers, that was a kick in the wallet!

Sleep for her last night was mighty skimpy and therefore for me too.

This AM she is on her computer cause that is her connection to the world and suddenly her puter restarts then has no wireless connection but right next to her mine is working fine.

I tried all the standard fixes for an hour, getting more frustrated all the time cause no way would it find a signal and of course the anti virus is popping up steady whining about not being to update and saying........yer gonna die cause yer puter is not protected!

Finally i look into her Toshiba update program and bingo! She ignored the warning that her Realtec wireless network access card drivers needed to be updated so i hardwire her laptop to the net and reinstall the drivers with the new one. Problem solved.

Of course while this is going on and i am trying to concentrate, the advice is flowing from her and the dawg i am looking after for friends who are on a trip ........

has cruised the yard and eaten some cat turds and some chicken droppings and is happily barfing on the porch right next to the patio door where i sit. Also my cat who has a kitten has spent the last few days whacking the heck outta that stupid dawg and me rescuing it while the crat struts around real smug like just to tick me off. Now i know why i didn't get another dawg, at least one that stoopid!

Her wounds are bleeding through the stitches now cause she won't slow down on using her arms and is worried about an old t shirt getting blood on it :P

Some days it just ain't worth chewing through the bars. :P

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I'm glad that she is doing well for the most part :) Maybe tell her to tone down the computer use just a bit, not good that those stitches are bleeding :P

As for the computer issue, hopefully this will be a good lesson for her to not ignore update prompts :P hehe.

That's quite an interesting story with the dog, the cat, heh. At least he didn't barf it all up in the house right next to where you were... gosh that'd be quite a mess.

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Well mountaintree, i appreciate the kind thoughts :)

Yes the computer use could be an issue but worse is that i just had to stop her cleaning a mirror! It's a girl thing i guess. :P however i cannot complain much as i have done much the same when i shouldn't!

The Cat is an old friend and just doing her duty i guess but she has to be soooo smug about it :P

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You're welcome, goldhound :P

Oo, cleaning a mirror would definitely not be good for her right now. Hehe, yeah, I suppose most of us do things when we shouldn't once in a while :P

Awww lol. Cats are awesome companions, although sometimes they can be quite the little rascal... hehe

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