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Youtube Videos show how to get PRO free????

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Hi there,

Before I get to my subject I want to say that I love Malwarebytes Pro and have paid for the service on all my computers at home.

Today I did a search on Youtube to see what videos were posted regarding Malwarebytes 1.46. I was astonished to see several hackers have posted videos on how to get around paying for a registration ID for the Pro version. In reading the comments posted for these videos it is obvious that people are successfully using these keygen hacks to get around paying for the Pro version even as I write this post. Of course I can flag the Youtube videos to have them removed, although that does not solve the breach of your registration process. I am not posting any links to these videos because it is easy enough to do a search on Youtube for Malwarebytes 1.46 and have all the hack videos you could hope for pop up as a result. Anyway, I thought Malwarebytes administration would like to know about this issue if they were not already aware.

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Hi -

First you will find many "hack sites" that claim to give you free membership numbers , but 99.99% will never work -

The backup we now have is much better at removing these items from ever being able to give a Real Member number out -

Once the numbers are entered into more than one online computer they will never work -

I have personally checked about 10 sites and the result is always the same - Key and ID not accepted -

Thank you for bringing this item up on the forum -

Best Regards -

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  • Staff

Further to add, we add all those keys and IDs to black list immediately when they're discovered.

Feel free to send links discovered via PM to any moderator or admin in the forums.

You may also report them to support:


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