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dark lyrics blocked


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I am getting IP block on www.darklyrics.com

I have HostsMan so I rarely see any advertisements anymore, so doubt that that is it. I also used it about three days ago and it worked just fine for me with no IP blocks, and I also used it about a month or two ago without any problems, which leads me to think it may just be a FP.

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I know you guys are busy and everything. I was just wondering if anyone has had a chance to look into this though, still getting an IP block this morning, same IP.

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I'm looking into this :) (it's housed on a Leaseweb range that contained a plethora of malicious content, I'm going through them to see what's still there and will determine whether unblocking is warranted, based on the results).

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Thanks for looking into it for me Steven :) No hurries.

That's really too bad that it's on that range. Like I had said, I had no problems just a week ago and a few months before that, and now it's blocked, so I just thought that it was strange.

Not a huge deal if I can't get to it, but it was a nice site to use, as a plus, no annoying ringtone ads that float over the page (those are on many lyric websites these days, it's too bad) and such... heh :)

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