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Internet data usage

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I have a 5GB monthly data limit with my Internet Service Provider. This has been ample for the past six years. I notice now, however, that I shall exceed my limit this month if I continue to use my computer to the same degree. The only thing that has changed recently so far as I am aware is my subscription to the paid version of Malwarebytes. Can this be the cause, and how can I tell? If so, what is anyone's suggested solution?

With regards,

Bob Hawkins

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Hello Bob Hawkins: :)

I don't think so. What was your average data usage/month prior to MBAM subscription? Simply put it this way - to calculate the increased data usage:

  1. On an average 4 updates of 5 MB per day = 20 MB (roughly)
  2. Average monthly increased data usage = 20 X 31 = 620 MB (roughly)

Run a quick scan with up-to-date definitions (Database version: 4446, Fingerprints loaded: 269562 at the time of this reply) to see if you have any infection

Are you using wireless router for internet connection? Is it secure?

Please post back if you have any further questions

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If you have the pro version you can schedule the updates to happen maybe once a day, instead of hourly.

At the moment lets say that the database file is 5MB in size. If it downloads say 5 updates per day and we say in one month of 30 days, that would be 5MB X 30 Days = 750MB. (of course I am assuming that Malwarebytes will update their database five times a day, which sometimes does happen).

Reducing your update interval will help.

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Haider and Firefox,

I thank you for your replies.

My data usage recently is as follows:

May: 1.2GB

June: 1.65GB

July: 4.59GB

Aug (so far) 3.42GB, with a typical daily data usage of 300 to 400Mb

My Malwarebytes is set up as follows:

Updates: hourly

Quick scan: daily

Full scan: weekly

I have a wireless router, but so far as security is concerned, I have deliberately not switched on my computer on two whole days and the data usage is measured in kilobytes on those occasions.

Further, do the balloons that arrive every few seconds or so, it seems, advising me of a newly blocked website, not contribute to the data usage?

Finally, so far as the scans are concerned, can they only occur when my computer is on?

With regards,

Bob Hawkins

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Hello Bob Hawkins: Thanks for posting back. Please do the following in sequential order:

  1. Please update definitions (at the moment it is 4447)
  2. Run a Quick Scan to acertain whether or not there is any infection
  3. If scan comes out clean, reset your wireless router to factory default and reconfigure
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