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Hello! I am Loobeloo!

I have been a member for two months now but I just have not been able to find time to come on to the forum. So this post is my second post!

I am bit unsure on certain things like, what do the Administrator ? Moderator ? Expert ? Trusted Advisor ? Translators ? Honorary Members ? Rogue Reporters ? Malware Hunters mean at the bottom of the forum?

Many Thanks,


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Hello and welcome to the forums.

They're all just different rankings. The admins are at the top, they have pretty much all of the power. Moderators usually keep the spam under control and add signatures to undetected uploaded malware samples. Translators are the ones who translate the GUI of MBAM into different languages. Experts help people to remove malware from their computers. Rogue Reporters and Malware Hunters upload the majority of the samples that MBAM does not detect, which then are added in the next update. Honorary Members get double the attachment upload space than regular members do. They can post in the Honorary Members private chat rooms too. One usually becomes an Honorary Member after 50 posts.

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How do you become one of these ranks?

Becoming a Malware Hunter or a Rogue Reporter is relatively easy, just keep uploading samples that MBAM does not detect on a regular basis. Becoming one of the other ranks is more difficult I would assume, I would not even know how to go about it myself. I am guessing you would have to be a well-respected member and maybe the administrators will decide to put you in one of the other ranks.

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