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My apologies.........


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I want to apologize to the members and those involved with my recent posts regard technical support issues. The posts were made out of absolute frustration of trying to remove spy/ad ware over a 7 day period from a remote computer and a total misunderstanding with Tom. It was assumed I was a super advanced techno-geek when I am far from that.

Since I made my satisfaction known,I have been in constant contact with Ron Lewis (Advanced Setup) and Ron has me on the path to getting Maleware bytes to do the job it is intended to do. We're not done but we are getting there.

Thanks Ron and again accept my apology.

Put me back in the "satisfied Customer" category..

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Greetings Gabbytony

I am glad that they've now been able to get things cleaned up for you and that things are progressing well. I'm also extremely happy that the misunderstanding has been resolved and that you're content with us as a company and our support again.

I'm also very grateful to you for posting this, as doing so no doubt required a lot of patience, understanding and humility on your part, qualities not easy to muster, especially in such a public place and I applaud what it says about your character by your doing so, so thank you very much for that.

I hope that we can continue to serve and assist you for a very long time to come and that when any future assistance is needed, you won't hesitate to contact us so that we can help you out.

Again, thank you very much for your kind sentiments and I'm glad everything was set right again.


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