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Antivirus XP 20008 Removal - Thank You Malwarebytes

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Yesterday, I downloaded a PDF document from some website which was not flagged by Google as harmful.............. The next minute I know, I kept getting this irritating alert everytime from Antivirus XP 2008. My PC crawled, and I could not get to most websites to search for a removal of this software. I had literally wasted an entire day from morning to evening trying to rid of this annoying trojan.

There were many hits for removing this trojan, but most sent me to a completely different site than what was advertised, that is, selling spyware removal products, not what I want. On my desktop, I have many products, but they are completely useless. I have the following the products which in my opinion could not resolve the issue:

  • McAfee Enterprise Virus Scan - did not find anything
  • CA Anti-Spy - found the trojans and quarantined it, but as soon as I logged off or reboot, the trojans came right back
  • SpyHunter - same as the CA Anti-Virus
  • manual removal - I tried the manual removal method several times, the trojans always came right back after logoff/reboot
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - I always received a message that the site does not exist [what a lie]

After wasting most of my day trying to resolve the issue, I did manage to get to some sites though very slowwwwwwwwwww. I had found one site telling me that this trojan would tell me that Malwarebytes site would be unavailable, and it is the only product which can remove it indefinitely. I went to another computer, and what do you know, the site is indeed available. Malwarebytes is a life saver. If not for your free product, I would have had to have my PC rebuilt from scratch, all software reinstalled, and I did not want to attach a USB drive drive to backup some files just in case they would be infected.

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