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Can you run paid version of Malwarebytes together with other antivirus programs or internet suites?


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Welcome :)

I ran it just fine with AVG Internet Security (I am not recommending AVG though). I no longer use that anymore. It works just fine with my current AV, with exclusions added just in case :)

So yes, it should run just fine with your AV or your internet security suite, and exclusions should be added to rule out any potential issues from happening.

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Since I've bought MBAM I always used it successfully with Microsoft Security Essentials. MSE was on the machine before I bought and installed MBAM.

On Saturday (8-14-10) MSE requested that I remove MBAM if I wanted to use MSE. whereupon it removed itself and would not re-install. I don't know if MBAM can do the whole security job alone without other antivirus/spyware but that's the way it's running now. From my personal experience with the Free MBAM, I wouldn't give it up for. It bailed me out of many many trouble spots. Which is why I bought it as a permanent part of my defense system. MBAM has been wonderful for me. I wouldn't part with it for all of Microsoft.

If you have further suggestions or know something I don't reply here or persdam@gmail.com. +Blessings.

Fr, Dick

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