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Unhappy with Technical support


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I recently purchased a copy of malware bytes to fix a problem (remotely) on my mom's computer. I own a medium size business and with over 100 pcs and was looking for a malware program for my company computers.

I had a small problem with the program on my mom's computer and thought this would be a good trial for their software. I was still having a problem so I contacted tech support. As I wasn't sure how to respond to Tom Mercados instruction and I apparently messed up. He immediately sent me an offensive and condescending e-mail and it went downhill from there. I requested an immediate refund. I would NEVER recommend their technical support under any circumstances.

I asked for the name and address of the Company President and Tom refused to give it to me. GREAT customer service.

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I've already apologized for my assumption on your level of knowledge, and if you feel replies that include words like 'Thanks', 'kindly' and requests for logs which were sent incorrectly, I apologize again.

Further, regarding the information you requested, I'm directed by internal policy what to provide you with, and I did just that, if you have an issue with that, feel free to take it up with my superiors.

Your refund request was already submitted as you requested, once that is done it is out of my hands as it goes to corporate office for processing.

We'll be closing this ticket as all issues have already been addresses.

Have a good day.

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I asked for the name and address of the Company President and Tom refused to give it to me.

I am not aware of any technical support service that will provide customers with the name and address of the company's President/CEO/etc. We have managers who specifically handle escalation issues so that the CEO can run the company and manage the development team, research team, and our company's relationships with other companies.

Your refund request was sent to one of those managers by Tom (as he has already stated), and they will handle everything from here, but please try to bear in mind that it is the weekend here in the USA and that the manager who handles the refund requests may not be in the office until Monday. If it takes a couple of days to process, then please understand that it is due to the weekend and not because we are purposely ignoring you. :D

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