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I have windows xp professional and use IE8 and would like to have someone to help me understand how to re-set it to work 'hand -n- hand' with the apporate tool bar (s). I been using it for more than a year and not long ago singed up to mamb and see there are informative users here and would like to get several bits of advice to using the computer.

As it is I use IE8, MAMB, AVG, on a home bilt computer and had it redone to be clean (as new). Used Yahoo a lot, MSN, Bing, Google. Would like to get info on what to use together, if it is nessary to use another browser, explaine to me what to try and how I need to set up my new sugestions you might have for me or a place to corespond with you. Ready to try new ways. :D

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Hello and welcome popcornRon!

What you are using is probably just fine. However if you wish to try other browsers or a different Anti virus...... My personal preference is Firefox with "noscript", "better privacy", and "adblock+" addons for my browser and Microsoft security essentials (free) for my anti virus and of course MBAM pro. Many are going away from AVG lately for various reasons, one being that it has become rather bloated and harder on system resources than MSE or Avira for example.

If you do change anti virus be sure to go the AVG website and download their removal tool to completely remove the program rather than just using add remove programs. AVG removal tool

You will likely get lots of suggestions :D

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