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***POLL - Would You like a MBAM Android App?- ***POLL

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I can not live without MBAM on my computer and laptop and now I wonder why there is no Android app MBAM for my Droid X. I need good protection for my phone as well. Is there any plan in the works to develop an MBAM app for the Android OS smartphones?

If you would like to see an MBAM application for protecting your smartphone please reply here so they can se how many people would be interested.

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I love mrmike570's avatar :)

I remember being there but was asking for 25 cents when the rent was due. :)

If you have not gone though a bankruptcy you have not lived. :)

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I would like to see versions of malwarebytes for all "smart" phone os's, so I could expand my phone options. I would pay for this version as I have for my personal computer. The best feature would be detection / prevention of apps attempting to send out personal data. I will not own a "smart" phone, due to personal data collection that I cannot control.

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Hi all :lol:

Just so you know, this idea has been submitted to the developers for their consideration. I just wanted to let you all know so that you didn't think you were being ignored, we do read these suggestions and they do get due consideration as they are often very helpful to our company for implementing new ideas/technology to enhance Malwarebytes :P.

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