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unneccessary start-ups.

mbam daz.

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hi.ive read some of the suggestions here about programs that could or should be disabled etc which for one could have fatal results,But also could be misleading for new users .different people have different configurations.from personal experience its an area i dont like to enter.disabling or deleting entries.If it doesnt interfere with your use of the computer then why tinker with the registry etc.

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We do try and dig as much information as we can from posters here - Our main problem is that they often change their case in the next post -

In one they only asked if some A/virus went OK with Malwarebytes program - The next post was that their system was failing -

As you see , totally unrelated - When a specific question is asked and is a common fault / error we give a specific related response -

Apart from that we hit the Google box for any related answer and then try to quote the source and reasons -

People ask , and the team here (now including you) can only respond from personal experience or what management prefers -

Hence you will note many "canned responses" apply that have been tried and tested on certain problems -

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The primary motivation behind disabling startups is actually because they can interfere with your use of the computer, particularly when it comes to system performance. Too many softwares have taken up the custom of starting completely unnecessary services, background processes and tray programs that add no real functionality and disabling them leaves the software fully functional, it just prevents the software from running at boot all the time, something that frees up CPU cycles, RAM and can speed up boot times and loading times for programs that you choose to run.

That being said, before disabling anything from running at startup, anything to be disabled should be investigated thoroughly before doing so as to avoid any unforeseen problems, such as the loss of functionality of the software being disabled from running at startup.

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