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mbam daz.

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Could someone please explain what wowexe is please.i have a 64-bit pc.I have read elsewhere here that if you have a system32 folder you have a 32-bit?im really confused now as to what machine i do have!!! i have 64-bit applications on my pc.Ive checked my system information and it informed me that i have a 64-bit and yet i see 32-bit processes in task manager.please help.thanks.

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wow.exe is a process which belongs to the World of Warcraft computer game. This is a non-essential process.\r Disabling or enabling it is down to user preference.

Has any person on that computer Ever played World of Warcraft game - This seems to also be a file related to that game ??

Thank You -


Also added This Link Provided by exile360

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Most of the credit for how MBAM is so successful goes to our developers and researchers. The researchers are constantly investigating the latest threats to add them to our database as quickly as possible, something that is also now aided by our dedicated users such as those in the Malware Hunters and Rogue Reporters groups. The developers, with the help of the research team, are always finding new ways of identifying and killing malware, including implementing many advanced methods of detection, such as heuristics, to detect threats that may not even be in our database yet because they're so new.

I can't offer any specific details on how all of that works as it is proprietary knowledge, something I'm sure you can understand, but basically we have an excellent, dedicated team of brilliant people that make MBAM possible and keep it effective.

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