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Malwarebytes blocking IPs when I am not browsing

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That little red and white M in the task bar periodically pops up a balloon saying that it is blocking various IP addresses when I am not doing anything internet related. The only thing I can think it might be from is Skype.exe and SkypePM.exe running as processes. Is this correct? On a prior boot Skype did offer to update but locked up the computer when I OKed. Are these addresses coming from some sort of attempts to IM through Skype? And would it be better to turn Skype off completely when I am not using it (end its two processes)?

I do have Auction Sentry running as a process. AS monitors Ebay auctions and snipes bids for me.

I am running McAffee and Malwarebytes together. Is this a good choice? I disabled Spywaredoctor because many things slowed way down, I presume cause they were being examined by all three programs. And I found that Malwarebytes cleaned out a trojan Google Redirect virus/malware that Spywaredoctor missed.

Ad-Aware is also running as a process.

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Welcome Elia -

We do have a small (slightly dated) McAffee tutorial Here that may help you - Removal of Spywaredoctor was a good idea -

Usually these pop up balloons indicate one or more programs that are in the background services - This may include any uTorrent or bitTorrent type of service , but it also may be your Skype - Do you have a list of any of these IP's or at least one main one that you can list -

AdAware is no problem usually - Not sure about the Auction sentry (seems OK) , but if you post an IP we can check it -

Thank You -

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