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Message at Firefox-start

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I have win7 with norton Internet Security 2010 and malwarebytes on my netbook.

If I start firefox, I get a message with a warning at !

I have scanned my System with malwarebytes and with NORTON.

Nothing was found !!!

But by starting firefox i get this message ...

Which program want to start ??

Where can i find the program ?



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Hello Bohlen, :)

Do you have any P2P software (eg BitTorrent/ Limewire/uTorrent), Skype or software like Wise Disk Cleaner running while you receieve the IP block?

Please post back if you have further questions.

Thank You :)

PS Please use the "ADDREPLY" t_reply.gif button at bottom of forum window instead of other ones when you start replying. :)

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Hello again,

Just to ensure a thing - is that IP block only occur when you start your Firefox?

If yes, is there any default page set at the startup?

If yes too, what is the website/page then? (please put the address of the site in a code tag please :) )

And one more thing, do you have ask toolbar installed on your machine (esp. an add-on in Firefox)?

Thanks :)

Edit - adding question.

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At least one Red site and quite a few Yellow flagged areas for this IP -


what do you mean ?

Do I have a problem or not ??

Where is the bad program ?

=> only with firefox i hava the problem - IE is good !!

No scan find something.

NORTON-scan find nothing.

What can i do ?



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I have exactly the same problem. Every time I start Firefox I get this message even though it's not attempting to open any strange websites. I too do not have any of the software you mentioned, and it only happens when I start Firefox.

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Please read Section G from the FAQ area for more detailed information on the IP Module and its functions -

How does it inform you?

MBAM informs you a malicious IP has been blocked by presenting a bubble notification at the bottom of the screen (next to the system tray), and it also writes a log file.

What does this notification mean?

This notification means quite simply, that an IP address has been blocked. It does NOT necessarily mean you are infected, it simply means a program on your computer (e.g. your browser, IM program, P2P program etc), tried accessing a malicious IP address. If this notice was presented when you were not actually doing anything on the machine, then I suggest having your computer looked at.

I got an alert and I wasn't even surfing, how's does that happen?

There are many applications on your system which have access to the Net and any of these can trigger an IP alert with no browser open. Most common offenders are P2P applications and IM clients, usually an ad will trigger an alert. An advanced or premium firewall will be able to give you a list of programs which can access the Net.

You are usually NOT infected , but you have visited a site in a bad IP area and there is a footprint left in your computer -

Thank You -

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WKN: What are the add-ons for FF you've, could you please list them?

4shared toolbar

Adblock Plus

Add to Search Bar

Alexa Sparky


Bitdefender Quickscan



Foxit Toolbar

Google Icon (incompatible with current FF version)

Java console


Microsoft .net

Popup Alt Attribute

Realplayer Browser Record Plugin

WebMail Notifier


...and breathe.

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